si_fuller (si_fuller) wrote,

Hottest 100 - Violent Femmes, Blister in the Sun

Ranked #64 hottest song of all time. Released in 1983. Ah, the Violent Femmes. Late nights in Cairns nightclubs, drinking too much and failing utterly to attract any women. That's what this song is to me. Also driving places with mates, where ever the hell we were going it never really mattered as much as having a bunch of friends in the car. Keep in mind that all this was years after the song was actually released. It's the perfect tune for this kind of thing, it's simple, catchy, repetitive, and performed competently but not well enough to embarrass entire crowds out of screaming along in drunken unity to the record. Even if people like me were screaming "let me go wild" rather than "let me go on". And sometimes "twister in the sun". But that doesn't matter, which is why this song is so great.

I don't know what has taken the place of Violent Femmes and Radiators today, it was a good niche that might not even exist any more. Or maybe it's still Violent Femmes and Radiators.

I have no idea what a blister in the sun is. One theory is it is about herpes, but I kind of doubt that. I also don't know who Big Hands may be, though the fact that he's staining his sheets hints at masturbation. It is kind of remarkable that a band called Violent Femmes has an all-male lineup. Though this album does include Queens of the Stone Age, so it's not unique. Violent Femmes' first album contained a lot of music like this, and Add It Up, which has the verse "why can't I get just one fuck". So it was a surprise when my brother bought a bunch of their albums back in the 90s and they were full of churchy music. But we'll always have 1983.

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