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Hottest 100 - Powderfinger, These Days

Ranked #21 hottest song of all time. Released in 2000. This poignant little song was actually written for the rather excellent Australian gangster movie Two Hands. You should see it if you haven't. It has Heath Ledger in it, and he's great because he's dead now. Lead singer Bernard Fanning also played this song at his funeral. Interestingly, this song got a lot of attention, and various awards, despite never being actually released as a single. It's even (mis)quoted in another song on this album, Nosebleed Section by the Hilltop Hoods.

I quite like this song despite the singing veering dangerously close to falsetto. I think you should realise by now that I can;t stand falsetto singing. That's probably why I can't stomach Radiohead. Unfortunately, there's more falsetto to come. I supposed I should just consider myself lucky that whoever compiled the album couldn't include Frankie Valley.

Powderfinger is the name of a Neil Young song. The term refers to being shot, gunpoweder and a trigger finger. Of course, with other bands such as Silverchair and Grinspoon, you have to wonder if Australian musos just like throwing apparently unconnected words together.

The following is not the offical video. That doesn't exist, because as I said, the song was never released as a single.

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