si_fuller (si_fuller) wrote,

Hottest 100 - The Killers, Mr. Brightside

Ranked #38 hottest song of all time. Released in 2004. Here's your classic Brit-pop scouse-accented rock ban ... what? They're American? Huh. Vegas scouse? No? Well there you go, I shouldn't go making assumptions.

This is a great song about someone freaking out and going crazy over him imagining his girlfriend cheating on him. Which, being OCD myself, I can totally empathi ... what? She actually did cheat on him? Huh. OK, it's based on a true story, the lead singer got a 6th sense that his girlfriend was cheating on him, and sure enough he busted her in a pub ... I mean bar. No, wait, it was a pub, the Crown and Anchor pub. Are these blokes Liverpudlian or not?

Damn it, I suppose The Killers are actual killers, and the lead singer has one side that's very bright. I don't know any more. Here's the song.

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