si_fuller (si_fuller) wrote,

Hottest 100 - The Shins, New Slang

Ranked #72 hottest song of all time. Released in 2001. Alright, I admit, I don't know a damn thing about this song. Maybe the Killers experience shook my confidence.

This not-Australian-but American band (what is it with these American bands that sound like they're from somewhere else? Haven't they heard of sereotypes?) is an indie mob who nevertheless have had this song played on Scrubs and a McDonalds ad. Which is nice for them. It must be good to get a decent bit of money out of your art. I should do some art that other people would pay for, some day. Not McDonalds of course, someone nicer but just as rich. Google or someone. Though Scrubs is a good show, they could use my hypothetical art if they wanted.

Alright, enough waffle, I said I didn't know anything about it. Here's the clip. Listen for the cool cymbal at the end.

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