si_fuller (si_fuller) wrote,

Hottest 100 - The Beach Boys, God ONly KNows

Ranked #43 hottest song of all time. Released in 1966. WHAAAAAAA!? I can not get my head around this one. The Beach Boys. 1966. Not Good Vibrations or anything. Who the hell voted for this? Why, out of all the other stuff on the Hottest 100 list, was this one chosen for the album? I mean, OK, it's not a bad song, better than that awful Paranoid Android anyway. And it is the hottest 100 of all time. But I mean, Beethoven wrote better stuff than this. King Henry VIII wrote Greensleeves centuries ago, and all the ice cream trucks use it even today. But they aren't on the album. OK, so the song was innovative. For its time. For an American pop song. But there were bands all over the place doing more innovative stuff than this at the time.

-sigh- Anyway, this song was considered quite daring because its opening line is "I may not always love you". Unfortunately this has the added caveat of "but I will love you for a length of time that is practically infinite, certainly the duration of the love will outlast our own fragile human bodies.

Well that about does it. No hang on, I still have another gripe. Falsetto! Why?

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