si_fuller (si_fuller) wrote,

Hottest 100 - Hearts a Mess - Gotye

Ranked #77 Hottest Song of All Time. Released in 2006.

Here’s a pleasant little song that wouldn’t go astray played on the radio at about three in the morning, though this might upset the late-night driver that got put to sleep by it. The song would also sit very comfortably between a Police track and one by Peter Gabriel later in his career.

Gotye is pronounced Goy-tee-yay, and it’s the French version of his real name, which is the Dutch version of Walter, though he’s from Belgium originally. Just why the bloke feels he must make things so complicated for everyone is perhaps left unexplored.

This Australian act is quite pleasant, I wouldn’t necessarily buy an album but I don’t get violent when I hear it on the radio. Actually a wolverine smoking ice probably wouldn’t get violent while this particular song is playing, it’s very mellow. Yet terribly angsty.

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