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I remember this time of year, 16 years ago. I was young and in love with a red haired girl. The evenings were getting crisp. Which was a novelty for me, coming from the tropics I hadn’t seen many real autumns. We walked hand in hand, always. We’d met not long ago, just before the summer. I was a lost soul, alone in a strange city, no job, undiagnosed autistic, skinny and kind of ugly. She was very young and quite beautiful, but in an unhealthy relationship with another man, with nowhere else to go. By some strange chemistry that I don’t understand to this day, we were perfect for each other.  And by some strange destiny we found ourselves living next door to each other and going to the same TAFE. And we came together. I don’t think there could be anything in the world that could have stopped us coming together. It feels like ten thousand years of the universe spinning had happened solely for these two people to finally come together. And so we walked around the streets of Windsor in the evenings, in the crisp autumn air, hand in hand. I was still a bit lost, but I was also happy like I had never been. Those were beautiful days. We had our fights, like all couple do, we even broke up once, for a short time. It wasn’t a very successful breakup. We married eventually, had children, settled down. I’m not so lost any more, and not so young. There are no autumns where we live now. But the love remains as strong as ever. And those days, walking around the parks of Windsor hand in hand in the evening, they are so real in my head I can feel the cool air on my face and her warm hand in mine right now. This is love.
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